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null is one of the most active, open security communities. Registered as a non-profit society in 2010. One of the main objectives for null is spreading information security awareness. In a calendar year, null chapters host about 100+ events across security domains and impact about 8000-10000 security professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners with their initiatives. null is open, professional, inclusive, responsible, and most importantly completely volunteer-driven.

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Date Event Type Event Action
2023-12-08   Workshop null Mysore [Status - Seed] Workshop 08 December 2023 Cyb... Mysore [Status - Seed] Archive Sessions: 0 Register [0] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-09   Meet null Kolkata Meet 09 December 2023 Null/OWASP Kolkata Cha... Kolkata Upcoming: about 13 hours Sessions: 7 RSVP [35] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-09   Meet null Delhi NCR Meet 09 December 2023 Monthly Meet Delhi NCR Upcoming: about 14 hours Sessions: 6 RSVP [91] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-09   Meet null Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh Meet 09 December 2023 Mo... Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh Upcoming: about 17 hours Sessions: 5 RSVP [8] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-10   Workshop null Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh Workshop 10 December 202... Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh Upcoming: 1 day Sessions: 6 Register [2] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-16   Meet null Bangalore Meet 16 December 2023 Null/OWASP Combined ... Bangalore Upcoming: 8 days Sessions: 9 RSVP [59] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-16   Meet null Chennai Meet 16 December 2023 Monthly Meet Chennai Upcoming: 8 days Sessions: 7 RSVP [69] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-23   Humla null Ahmedabad Humla 23 December 2023 Web Hacking उपदेश Ahmedabad Upcoming: 15 days Sessions: 1 Register [31] | Sessions | Venue
2023-12-24   Meet null Ahmedabad Meet 24 December 2023 Monthly Meet Ahmedabad Upcoming: 16 days Sessions: 7 RSVP [18] | Sessions | Venue

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null is purely driven by volunteers. Volunteers support and contribute in making the community the way it is. Benefits of being a volunteer include a cool @null.co.in email address, access to null events, mentorship opportunities with the best in the Industry and more. So become a volunteer, now!

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