null or n|u is a registered not-for-profit society and an active global security community. As such it is governed by the rules of the land and there are designed office bearers to handle operations of the organization. It should be noted that null due to being a not-for-profit doesn't pay any of its office bearers and the entire work is pro-bono and volunteer in nature.

Office Bearers as of 2023

  • President : Aseem Jakhar
  • Vice-President : Murtuja Bharmal
  • Secretary - Anant Shrivastava
  • Treasurer - Antriksh Shah


  • Ajitkumar Hatti
  • Akash Mahajan
  • Prashant Mahajan
  • Smriti Narula
  • Shashidhar CN
  • Omair
  • Sandeep Singh
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