1. How do I join/contribute to null community?
    Answer - Go to https://null.community and click on Engage Tab to find how you can engage with the community. You can join as a volunteer, join the mailing list, contribute as a speaker in the chapter near to you on this link https://null.community/chapters/.
    You can also contribute to enhance and support swachalith platform. Go through the guide https://github.com/null-open-security-community/swachalit/wiki/Contributing-to-Swachalit-DevOps

  2. Where I can find all the presentation delivered at null events?
    Answer - Most of the presentations and material are uploaded and can be found at https://null.community/event_sessions

  3. I have found a security issue, where can I report?
    Answer - You can mail on [email protected]

  4. There is a bug on null.community, where should I report?
    Answer - Issue a bug on GitHub https://github.com/null-open-security-community/swachalit/issues

  5. I want to present. Whom to reach?
    Answer - You are not required to reach to anyone. Check https://null.community/session_proposals/new and your session will directly reach to the chapter leaders and then, they will contact you.

  6. How to get involved with the null projects or volunteer for null?
    Answer - You can also fill the null volunteer form Link and we will get in touch with you. We usually have bi-monthly meeting where we do the onboarding of volunteers.

  7. Any fees or contribution to be paid for being a null community member?
    Answer - To attend meetup its free but to be a registered member of null community, you have to pay annual membership fee.

  8. How to start a new chapter in my city?
    Answer - Follow the steps mentioned in this page

  9. What is null Student Ambassador program?
    Answer -

    • The null Ambassador Program is a new initiative under null. By having this initiative we want to extend our null platform among those enthusiastic individuals who are currently pursuing their degrees under different establishments.
    • The idea is to have our presence not only within working professionals but among colleges & universities. Come forward, join us and help null to understand better the culture, the environment of your college & university campus.
    • It is an opportunity for young cyber security enthusiasts to act as liaisons between null and their colleges/universities. Join null and be a brand ambassador by promoting, conducting & driving many cyber security events, meetups, seminars etc.
    • Students from all undergraduate/graduate/post graduate programs irrespective of stream/branch but having a deep interest & driven by passion to grow into cyber security are most welcome.
    • As an ambassador you will be responsible to plan, arrange, conduct, and host several informative events in your campus, such as seminars, talks etc. with respect to dynamic lists of cyber security topics.
  10. How to start null Student chapter in my college/university?
    Answer -

    • Get in touch with Sandeep – [email protected], Pankaj - [email protected] and Murtuja - [email protected] to send a proposal for new student chapter.
    • Share the contact details for yourself and at least one more student interested in starting a student chapter.
    • Go through the checklist/guideline we will share to do a pre-null student chapter meet.
    • Send Writeup and Photos of Pre-null student chapter meetup as mentioned in null student chapter guideline document and wait for a response
    • On approval, start conducting meetups
  11. What are all the projects that the null community currently is working on?
    Answer - Please check the following link to know about all the ongoing projects Link

  12. Is it possible to multiple chapters in the metro cities?
    Answer - It is possible to have multiple chapters in the metro cities but there should be a valid reason to start another chapter if one already exists.

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