List of Projects

  • null OSINT Project
    Project Description:* We are building an OSINT platform to collect actionable intelligence to.
    help the people and organizations to protect their assets.

    Project URL:
    Project Owner: Shayak Tarafdar | [email protected].

  • null Crypto Project
    Project Description: We are writing a white paper with a list of cryptographic vulnerabilities
    exploited in 2019.The white paper will contain a brief about each crypto vulnerabilities,
    exploitation method, and mitigation strategies.
    Project URL: N/A
    Project Owner: Praneeth | [email protected]

  • null Cloud project
    Project Description: The primary purpose of this project is to provide assistance and
    education for organizations looking to adopt Cloud and Cloud-Native Technologies.
    The project will give the organizations guides and tools that will include information about
    what are the significant security risks for Cloud and Cloud-Native environments, how to find and
    mitigate them.
    Project URL:
    Project Owner: Deep Shankar Yadav | [email protected]

  • Swachalit Event Management Platform
    Project Description: Swachalit is the heart of null event management. It is one of the best
    event automation projects we have developed from scratch. Most of the null chapters use it to
    manage the null events.
    Project URL: N/A
    Project Owner: Abhisek Datta | [email protected]

  • null jobs
    Project Description: The "null jobs" board is serving the industry for almost a decade and
    helping the organization to hire the best security talent.
    Project URL: N/A
    Project Owner: Taufiq Ali | [email protected]

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