And here comes our much awaited Hall of Fame page. This page will list down all the contributors of null community. It has been years since we started and many folks have put blood and sweat to make the null community what it is today. It is time to honor them for their contributions.

Refer to Security page on guidelines for reporting security vulnerabilities.



  • Nikhil Rane for reporting http url for confirmation link Fix commit
  • Shreyas Ghevariya for reporting Mixed Content Warning (http image called from https page) in template page



  • Muthukumar Marikani (unknown_person) for reporting Persistent XSS in Video/Presentation URL using javascript:(..) scheme
  • Aman Kumar for reporting Missing SPF record in DNS settings
  • Rahul Maini for reporting Stored XSS in Event Session Page


  • Pritesh Mistry for reporting Host Header Redirection vulnerability


Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure

null Jobs

  1. HTML Injection in search parameter by Prayas Kulshrestha
  2. Cross Side Scripting (XSS) in website parameter by Manjot
  3. Information Disclosure (Full Path) by Sabari Selvan
  4. Various vulnerabilities by Sneha Rajguru
  5. Cross Side Scripting (XSS) in website parameter by Noman Shaikh
  6. Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in search parameter by Security Mines (Naren Jangra)

Want to see your name here

If you would like to contribute or have already contributed - reporting bugs, doing backend work etc, please send us an email to security --AT-- null D0T co D0T in.

Please note

  • This page is not for listing meet/workshop speakers. Your name is already published in the events section.
  • The final decision to put the name on this page depends on your contribution and the decision of the null core team.
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