IoT Exploitation

  • Introduction to IOT
  • SPI

    • Introduction
    • Read/write SPI
    • Dumping data from SPI
  • I2c

    • Introduction
    • Read/write I2C
    • Dumping data from I2C
  • UART

    • Introduction
    • Interacting with UART interface
  • JTAG

    • Introduction
    • Finding JTAG interface
    • Dumping data through Jtag
  • Snooping attacks on IC's

  • How to dump firmware

  • Firmware reverse engineering

  • Zigbee exploitation


Arun Mane

I am Active member of Garage4Hackers, null meet,Security enthusiast and researcher, no matters it come in any forms whether it is computer, mobile, IOT , ICS ,communications or any applications.
"Open Mind To Learn Anything"....Arun Mane a.k.a rootkill3r


Starts at Saturday November 26 2016, 10:10 AM. The sessions runs for about 6 hours.