With the increasing popularity of container virtualization technology Now it has become very important for forensics professionals to implement “Docker” technology in Digital Forensics and Incident Response operations to reduce headache of carrying heavy and awkward hardware and increase productivity.

One aspect of the using Docker for DFIR operations is providing Docker images of popular tools, with the goal of allowing investigators and handlers to conveniently utilize difficult-to-install applications without having to take headache to install and configuring them again and again. Such images could be compared to lightweight virtual machines; though they don’t offer the same level of isolation as real VMs, they provide a container within which the application can be encapsulated along with its dependencies.

In this session I will demonstrate how one can use famous DFIR applications using docker containers.


Deep Shankar Yadav

IT Security & Digital Forensics Researcher, Hobbyist Programmer, Gamer, Street Food Lover


Starts at Saturday January 21 2017, 01:15 PM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.