So you want to learn Infrastructure Penetration Testing? We welcome you to the first part of Infrastructure Penetration Testing series: The Linux essentials:

This session would walkthru about essential commands and concepts which would be helpful to a Linux user with the perspective of penetration testing. We would cover tools required for programming ( Vi, git ), system administration ( Bash configuration files, Updating Debian Linux System, Adding/Deleting/Modifying Users/Groups, Changing Group/Owner/Permission, Mounting/Unmounting, Linux Directories, Runlevels and Kernel Configurations ). Also, provide some useful tips, tricks and TODO which would help you learn and practice.

The session would be completely hands-on. We encourage you to go thru the suggested reading @ http://bitvijays.github.io/LFFLinuxEssentials.html . This would help us to maximize our time doing hands-on!


Vijay Kumar


Starts at Saturday March 25 2017, 01:35 PM. The sessions runs for about 3 hours.