"One Day an attacker decides to attack a company with millions of dollars in infrastructure. Naturally, the attacke would start with Metasploit." - Metasploit, The Pentester's Guide

Metasploit is a full fledged penetration testing framework that helps in automating mundane task and lets the penetration tester focus more on the actual pentest. This Humla session aims at making the audience familiar with the framework by using it to attack vulnerable systems. It will also help demonstrate how an actual attack or pentest looks like, and what the hackers want to gain by performing a successful exploitation.



I am a Freelance Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer.

You can talk to me about:
1) Penetration Testing
2) Cloud and Infrastructure Security
3) Privacy


Starts at Sunday May 27 2018, 11:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 7 hours.