This session will take participants from a basic understanding of assembly to reversing the binaries like a pro. This session will be completely hands-on. Participants will learn the assembly instructions, mnemonics, opcodes, the real-time working of the stack, working with registers and flags, and a lot more. Every participant will be given OVA file to be imported in virtual box in which every binaries and environment would be ready. Participants will get to make their hands dirty on different logical binaries and end up with crack me and buffer overflow stuff.

Any Host OS would work with VirtualBox. Participants will be given ova file 48 hours prior to the full day training, and have to be imported before the training only. For any technical queries, they can directly ask the chapter leaders or speaker too.


Ravi Rajput

A Nerd, Geek and a noob completing his journey from noob to leet. Finding the solution to every problem from daily life to pentesting world.


Starts at Saturday March 23 2019, 11:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 7 hours.