Introduction to Frida

With defenders getting more advanced using complex mechanisms such as data encryption and code obfuscation, it's getting harder for attackers to understand and exploit applications.The technical hurdles one has to overcome in order to get a sense of how an application is doing what it is doing is increasing day by day.
Mordern applications use a huge array of defences to prevent reverse engineering and debugging, even on supposedly "un-locked" devices.
So enter frida, which is a cross platform dynamic instrumentation framework which helps pentesters to look under the hood of the application, bypass restrictions, trace native methords and also manipulate application behaviour on runtime all in a easy, scriptable and automated way.
This session will give a basic overview of what is frida, how it works and some example use cases.
In this session we will cover.

  • SSL Pinning bypass
  • Jailbreak Detection bypass
  • Finding classes & methods
  • Run time hooking
  • Method tracing
  • And some extra concepts :-)


Abhishek Jaiswal


Starts at Saturday August 24 2019, 01:15 PM. The sessions runs for 30 minutes.