OT security is a strong requirement in oil and gas companies among other industries.
Any firm leveraging this technology would need regular reviews of the OT environment and supporting environment.

In addition, the security of each component of the OT network architecture must be tested regularly with relevant controls applied.

Penetration testing, the art of testing and breaking in to OT networks is a niche domain, but it works with the same end goal to identify and validate gaps in security processes, where the attacks and security controls are tailored around OT networks.


Samrat Das

I am a cyber security researcher with 6+ years of work experience , currently working with KPMG Lower Gulf (UAE)

My technical expertise lies across:
- Programming languages proficiency
- SecDevOps
- Security by Design review & Threat Modeling
- Block Chain Technology & Smart Contracts
- Container Security (Kubernetes, Docker)
- Application Security Testing (VA/PT)
- SCADA/OT Security
- Reverse Engineering/ Malware Analysis
- Secure Configuration And Hardening Reviews
- Digital Forensics and Incident Response
- Cloud Security Reviews
- Social Engineering & Red Teaming

  • Github: https://github.com/sam9318
  • Blog: http://securitywarrior9.blogspot.com/


Starts at Friday August 21 2020, 11:30 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.