We are conducting n|u Humla session at Mumbai on memory forensics with volatility. This will be a complete hands-on session where attendees will be introduced to tools like volatility, sigcheck, strings and chopshop. We invite people who wants to experience memory forensics in action. This is a per-invite based session and will be sending out the invites to only 10 people.

Humla Champion:-
Arnold Anthony is working as Security engineer at Happiest minds Technologies
where he works on SIEM integration, Digital forensics and VAPT.

Prerequisites (Basics):-
-Basic Understanding of networking and computer memory

Hardware & Software Requirement:-
-A laptop capable of running two virtual machines simultaneously (4/8 GB of RAM).
-8/16 GB Flash Drive

What to Expect?
-Complete Hands-on
-Simple and basic memory forensics
-Approach to solve a forensic case
-Different tools and its basic usage

What Not to Expect?
-In-depth memory forensics
-Detailed usage of the tool

Note: This session is conducted to introduce everyone to the basics of memory forensics using volatility .


arnold anthony


Starts at Saturday May 16 2015, 10:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 8 hours.