In this security meet-up talk, we will dive into the realm of Digital Risk Protection (DRP) by analyzing three significant incidents: a data leak incident involving Postman, as well as two separate data leak incidents related to GitHub. The session aims to provide attendees with actionable insights to bolster their DRP strategies and fortify their defenses against digital risks.

We will begin by exploring the incident involving Postman, unraveling the mistakes that might've led to devastating attacks and emphasizing the critical role of DRP in preventing and mitigating threats.

Next, we will examine two GitHub incidents, shedding light on the consequences of inadequate security practices which would've led to data breach and reputational losses. Attendees will gain insights into effective risk mitigation measures to safeguard sensitive data.

Throughout the talk, we will emphasize the importance of proactive risk assessment, continuous monitoring, and incident response readiness as key elements of a comprehensive DRP approach. Attendees will leave with practical recommendations to enhance their organization's DRP capabilities and protect against digital risks.


Pavan Karthick M

Hey there, I am Threat researcher from CloudSEK. I hunt for prominent and rising threats in the threat landscape. I do threat analysis & research, automation, malware research, development in tools which aid for automated analysis and other ways which benifit me and my organisation.


Starts at Saturday July 15 2023, 10:55 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.