Description: This talk is going to be centered around Yasuo, an open-source vulnerable application scanner purely written in Ruby. If you search through Exploit-db, there are over 10,000 remotely exploitable vulnerabilities that exist in tons of web applications and could allow an attacker to completely compromise the back-end server. These vulnerabilities range from RCE to malicious file uploads to SQL injection to LFI and so on. We often talk about exploiting JBoss jmx-console, Apache tomcat manager but that’s just scratching the surface.

A random wise man once said – “It’s not about what, it’s about where”. With all the modern network protections these days, a smart hacker, good or bad, is always looking for that one IP, one port, one application that could be exploited to penetrate through the network. Yasuo is built to quickly scan the network for such vulnerable applications thus serving pwnable targets on a silver platter.

During this talk, we will elaborate on the development of Yasuo, the problem, the challenges and how it can be effective in hacking an organization in the real-world scenario.

Bio: Saurabh has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunications. He currently works at Trustwave SpiderLabs and is part of Network Pentest team. During his industry experience of over a decade, Saurabh has worked across diversified industry verticals such as Banking, Aerospace, Building solutions, Process and Control Systems and has developed expertise is various aspects of Information security. Saurabh specializes in web application & network security, with secret crush on binary reverse engineering. He has contributed towards proof-of-concept exploits and white papers in infosec domain as well as delivered security trainings to various fortune 500 clients globally and at reputed security conferences such as CansecWest and BlackHat. Saurabh has also spoken at some of the reputed security conferences including Derbycon, Toorcon, Hack3rcon and BSides Toronto.


null/OWASP Delhi Team

null Delhi and OWASP Delhi chapter team


Starts at Saturday May 23 2015, 05:00 PM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.