Event Name: Information Security and Audit
Time: 9:30AM onwards

Day 1: 03/10/2023
Morning Session:
1. Introduction of trainer
2. Brief Introduction to Ngtech and What Ngtech does in the field of Information Security
3. What is Information Security
4. Need for information security and security audits
5. Discussion Scenario
6. Governance

Afternoon Session:
1. Types of audits
2. Various Activities conducted by Ngtech (Technical Audit, IS Audit, VAPT, Gap Assessment of CSRF, Policies review, SLAs review, etc.)
3. Phases of audits (Pre, audit, Post)
4. IS Audit and overview of audit methodology
5. Explanation of Checklist

Day 2: 04/10/2023
Morning Session:
1. Recalling Day 1 from Students
2. Questioning based on Day 1
3. Continue with IS audit checklist

Afternoon Session:
1. Continue with IS audit checklist

Day 3: 05/10/2023
Morning Session:
2. Recalling Day 1 from Students
3. Questioning based on Day 2
4. VAPT and overview of methodology
5. Secure Configuration

Afternoon Session:
1. Compliance Audit overview

Day 4: 06/10/2023
Morning Session:
1. Quiz
Afternoon Session:
1. Discussion
2. Queries from students


Kaveri B. Kotgale


Starts at Wednesday October 04 2023, 09:15 AM. The sessions runs for about 7 hours.