PHP Remote Code Execution Bugs:

We would walk you through multiple ways to achieve Remote code execution on PHP based web applications. We would explain with demo how its is possible to get application level code execution as well as system level code execution on php Webapps.

Here is a list of things I would cover.

1) PHP internals .
2) PHP source code auditing.
3) PHP insecure coding practices and how to exploit them [App level code executions] .
4) Php memory corruption issues and exploiting them remotely [System level code executions].
More like the ones mentioned here: http://garage4hackers.com/entry.php?b=394 but very specific on remotely exploitable ones.

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Rahul Sasi

I do ninja stuffs at http://Garage4Hackers.com


Starts at Saturday July 25 2015, 10:15 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.