Monitoring tools: Cacti - Network Performance Monitoring & Netflow - Monitor Application level traffic.


Archit Mehta

Current : I am working at Oracle (RAC Assurance Team) Bangalore.
Past : Consultant (Ernst & Young - Mumbai) - IT Risk Assurance Dept. [worked on : Vulnerability assessment - Nessus, Implemented ISO 27001 for client, Network Architecture Review]
M.Tech - IIIT Hyderabad (2014) - Computer Science and Information Security.
I hold a good grip on programming and fundamentals of computer science. Passionate about Information Security. I like to play piano and practicing karate.

Null :
- Attended many session of null in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore,
- Gave presentation on Network monitoring tool : Cacti and Netflow protocol in Null Mumbai chapter.

Expertise :
Programming (C, C++, Java , JSP & Servlet, java script) , Data structure and Algorithm, Computer Network, Operating System

Area of Interest :
Software Development, Application and Network Security


Starts at Saturday September 12 2015, 10:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.