We know about IPV4 and IPV6, then have you ever though of where were IPv1,IPV2,IPV3 and IPV5?

Also, we all know IPV4 subnetting, but sometimes we get confused, time to dig into it and understand and simplify our IPv4 subnetting concepts.

We generally have these questions but never have time to learn it. Then it's time for it. The session will answer these questions via discussing the below topics:

  1. History of IP Versions
  2. Structure of IPV4 and Private&Public network.
  3. Step by step subnetting understanding.
  4. Difference between subnetting to VLSM and Supernetting.
  5. Uses of subnetting in ITSecurity
  6. How does corporate plans and maintains subnet sheets.


Ramakrishna Appam


Starts at Saturday December 19 2015, 10:45 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.