Sams Treasure HUNT

Welcome to the treasure hunt with Sam, the adventurous journey begins with Sam. He desires for treasure box which is secured in a palace far far away.

Sam’s long years of waiting came to an end when last night Lord Ram came into Sam’s dream and gave him a message which he needs to decipher in order to find the path to the palace. Even if Sam obtain the path to palace, lot of hurdles are waiting for him on his way to palace.

Once Sam reach the palace, he will be asked to enchant the secret mantra. However, the journey for Sam doesn’t end here, he has to disguise himself as a King, only then he will be allowed to enter the maze which will lead him to treasure.

• Sam’s Treasure Hunt. :)
• Q/A & Feedback
• Declare the Winner
• Discussions

• Kali Linux with working WIFI
• Hard-core CTF Player will add benefit
• Logic
• If you can bring data card will add advantage


Kaustubh Padwad

|| Embedded System Security Researcher || IOT || VAPT/WAPT || Linux || Reverse engineering ||

Kaustubh aka s3curityb3ast is a Embedded System security researcher, His main area of interest is IoT/product security,Reverse engineering, discovering RCE, Priv-esc bugs in proprietary or close source devices. His work is published at s3curityb3ast.github.io,He was Null champion, He had deliver more than dozens of talk in null meet and he was champion for 3 years in null community. Also he is a speaker at DEFCON,DEFCOn Red team Village, Owasp SeaSide 2020,BsidesBoston,Rootcon,Some of his works are published in SecurityWeek, ExploitDB, 0day.today and have more than Dozens of CVE, Recently he was the winner of SCADA CTF @ nullcon 2019.



Starts at Saturday January 23 2016, 09:30 AM. The sessions runs for about 4 hours.