Sams Treasure HUNT

Welcome to the treasure hunt with Sam, the adventurous journey begins with Sam. He desires for treasure box which is secured in a palace far far away.

Sam’s long years of waiting came to an end when last night Lord Ram came into Sam’s dream and gave him a message which he needs to decipher in order to find the path to the palace. Even if Sam obtain the path to palace, lot of hurdles are waiting for him on his way to palace.

Once Sam reach the palace, he will be asked to enchant the secret mantra. However, the journey for Sam doesn’t end here, he has to disguise himself as a King, only then he will be allowed to enter the maze which will lead him to treasure.

• Sam’s Treasure Hunt. :)
• Q/A & Feedback
• Declare the Winner
• Discussions

• Kali Linux with working WIFI
• Hard-core CTF Player will add benefit
• Logic
• If you can bring data card will add advantage


Kaustubh Padwad

Currently serving as Manager for vulnerability management at one of the largest infrastructure in india i.e Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Proven IT-Security specialist with having more than dozen of exploit published online in 0day.today, exploitdb, packetstorm, securityweek, author of few 0day and CVE, Author of K-auth authentication system and I-IPS (software appliance for IPS/IDS for small and large scale organization),Listed in few hall of fames like Apple, Nokia etc, conducted N number of VA/WA/PT for Reputed client, Implemented SIEM/SOC at large Media House, expertise in log analysis, scripting, technical audit, Linux, windows, Areas of interest in Information Security domain are: Buffer Overflows, exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Shell coding, Tool building, Malware analysis and IDS. Active Participant in Null community, designed CTF which was still unbreakable, Earlier working as Sr.Security analyst at network intelligence India Pvt .Ltd prior to security 3 years of extensive experience in administration.

||Security enthusiastic || Love Coding reverse engineering Exploitation || Security analyst || Linux


Starts at Saturday January 23 2016, 02:00 PM. The sessions runs for about 3 hours.