Malware Command and Control: Evasion Tactics and Techniques

Malware is designed to perform malicious actions without catching attention of the user. Malware Authors keep on developing new ideas to stay undetected by security technologies. In order to remain undetected, communication channels between attacker and malware needs to be stealthy and evolving. Making Command and control with attacker to receive on demand commands is an essential phase of the Cyber Kill Chain.

As a result, we are observing continuous advancement into communication channel for Malware Command and control.
In this session, we will try to cover some of the advanced techniques used by Malwares nowadays to communicate with it's command and control.


Avkash K

Information Security professional with overall 6+ years of experience in Information Security domain.

Experienced in SOC Management, Security Incident & Event Management, Information Security consulting,Banking Security, Designing, developing and Implementing Information security policies, procedures & standards, information security Risk Assessments, Regulatory & Compliance Management, information security awareness program Management, Coordinating the activities of the Information Security Committee, Participating in activities relating to contingency planning, business continuity management and IT disaster recovery in conjunction with relevant functions and third parties.

Specialties: Core Competencies

SOC Management
Security Incident & Event Management
Vulnerability Management
Banking Security
Threat Intelligence
ISO 27001
Endpoint Security Management


Starts at Saturday June 11 2016, 10:50 AM. The sessions runs for 25 minutes.