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  • The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester by Phillip Wylie
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Pentesting or ethical hacking as it is more commonly known has become a much sought-after job by people in IT, InfoSec, or those just trying to get into the industry. In this talk, Phillip Wylie shares the blueprint for becoming a pentester. Talk combines Phillip’s experience as a pentester and ethical hacking instructor to give attendees a guide to how to pursue a career as a pentester. Phillip shares what has worked for his students and people that he has mentored over his years as a pentester. This webinar covers the knowledge and skills needed to become a pentester as well as the steps to achieve them.


  1. Defining pentesting

    Discuss what a pentester is and a pentest their role in security. Discuss the different types of pentests including network, wireless, application, IoT and other hardware types as well as pentest specializations.

    Why become a pentester? -

    Discuss the benefits and outlook of pentesting career opportunities. Discuss other jobs where pentesting and hacking skills are useful.

  2. The Blueprint to Becoming a Pentester:

  • Foundation -
    Discuss the foundational perquisite knowledge needed to become a pentester. Discuss the IT basic skills such as operating systems, networking and security needed to be a pentester.

  • Hacking skills
    Discuss developing hacking skills and the hacker mindset.

  • Education options
    Discuss learning options such as college classes, security training providers and self-study.

  • Education resources
    Discuss education resources including; books, videos, conferences and community.

  • Certifications and degrees
    Discuss credentials useful for gaining employment as a pentester including; degrees and certificates.

  • Getting Experience – Discuss methods for developing hacking/pentesting skills such as labs (third party and home), CTFs, bug bounties,pro bono/volunteer work.

  • Developing a plan
    Discuss how to assess current skillset and knowledge to find a starting place and the perform a gap analysis to develop a learning plan. Discuss goal setting and educational milestones to track progress.

  • Getting employed as a pentester
    Discuss how to find a job as a pentester through networking, social media and community evolvement.

Date Saturday April 13 2019
Chapter Chandigarh [Status - InActive]
Registrations 70
Max Registrations 80
Event Type Open to Everybody
Start Time 07:30 PM
End Time 09:00 PM

Session Schedule

Name Speaker Start Time End Time Resources
The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester Phillip Wylie 07:30 PM 09:00 PM


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