Nirav Gadhiya

I started my career as a lecturer in an engineering college. Then I turned into development to find some challenges in my day to day routine. I choose to be a security analyst at the peak of my development career. The reasons which led me to jump in the information security domain are challenges in daily tasks, exploring and learning new things, and eagerness of finding odds.

As a security analyst, I worked mostly with web applications and a few mobile applications. I have also tested some external and internal networks as well. I found the current job profile interesting as I got a chance to work in various domains like e-commerce, banking portals, government portals, CRM kind of applications, and e-wallets. I learned a lot by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Insecure Direct Object References, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Server-Side Request Forgery, Remote Code Execution, XML Injection, File Upload Bypasses, etc.


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