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The Ganpat University and the surrounding Ganpat Vidyanagar township form a high-tech educational campus that is the result of a collaborative effort among numerous philanthropic individuals including industrialists, technocrats, noble farmers, and affluent businessmen. The initiative aims to advance the cause of "Social Upliftment through Education".

The NULL Ganpat University Student Chapter is an initiative to bring the null community to Ganpat Vidyanagar, which is the first initiative taken by the North Gujarat region in the country INDIA on 11th March 2023, which is led by the cyber security professionals.

The primary objective of this Chapter is to facilitate knowledge-sharing on diverse topics related to cyber security, enable individuals to stay abreast of the latest trends in the field, and foster connections among like-minded people. This platform offers students and knowledge seekers numerous opportunities to enhance their expertise and skills by participating in or attending events as it plans various community programs such as expert sessions, debates, quiz competitions, CTF, innovation and research work, tech talks, guest speakers, students' forums, and many more.

No upcoming event for this chapter.
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2023-07-25   Workshop null Ganpat University Student Workshop 25 July 2023 Cybe... Ganpat University Student Archive Sessions: 0 Register [56] | Sessions | Venue