Reconnaissance & OSINT - CTF edition

Reconnaissance phase is the heart of any security assessment. A comprehensive and well executed recon/discovery phase will make you more effective and efficient in your security assessment. Having a good coverage during the discovery phase ensures that you are not missing out any assets that are in scope may it be a traditional VA/PT or bug bounty exercise.

This session act as a hands-on introduction to reconnaissance tools and techniques. In this session, you'll get to learn and practice common reconnaissance tools and techniques.

This session will have two parts -

Part 1 - An intro to reconnaissance/OSINT

In this part, you'll be introduced to reconnaissance/OSINT and their significance during a security assessment.

You'll be introduced to common reconnaissance techniques and tools. You'll also be introduced to OSINT and how to leverage OSINT during security assessments.

Part 2 - Capture The Flag (CTF)

In this part, you'll be provided a target organisation (fictional). Your objective is to perform passive recon against the target and find as many flags as you can.

What you need to know (Skill prerequisites)

  • Basic knowledge of Linux command line utilities (like ls, cd, grep, chmod, jq etc.)
  • Know to SSH into a remote machine

What you'll need to bring?

  • A laptop
  • SSH client on the base Operating System (Linux has SSH client by default. Windows users can use PuTTY)
  • A working payment enabled AWS account - Mandatory
    • This is necessary for two reasons:
      • To avoid VirtualBox trouble, we'll be using an ec2 machine with all the tools installed as attacker machine)
      • A working AWS account is necessary for performing AWS related recon (Make sure you login into the AWS account and Go to Services EC2. This service should load. If you see that your account is on hold, please talk to CustomerCare and enable your account.)
  • Your own Internet connectivity - Mandatory (You need Internet connection to do the exercises, additional reading and play CTF)





Starts at Saturday May 11 2019, 09:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 9 hours.