securely deploying containers in docker part-2

Hack ElasticSearch Container
CGroups and namespaces
Scan Images for vulnerabilities
Intro to Seccomp
Restricting additional accesses by setting appropriate flags
User namespaces
Understanding AppArmour and generating profiles
Ignoring files from docker build
Access .ssh keys during docker build
Storing secrets in docker using Hashicorp as a service
Reading vault secrets from containers
Container security monitoring

1. Docker installed on your host
2. Minimum of 4 GB RAM installed
3. Install docker-compose
4. The users should have admin access on the system
5. Participants are advised to bring Ubuntu as the host OS, just so that working gets preferably easy


Mihir Shah


Starts at Saturday July 20 2019, 10:10 AM. The sessions runs for about 3 hours.