IoT security testing with EXPLIoT framework" workshop will offer security professionals a good understanding of:
1. IoT potocols
2. IoT security issues
3. How to use EXPLIoT framework for security testing
4. Creating your own plugins in EXPLIoT.
The workshop will have hands-on to enable attendees to use EXPLIoT and understand techniques to find and exploit vulnerabilities in IoT ecosystem. The workshop will also discuss how to attack the underlying hardware of the sensors. It is aimed at security professionals who want to enhance their skills and move to/specialize in IoT security.


Aseem Jakhar

* null - The open security community - https://null.co.in
* EXPLIoT - IoT Security Platform - https://expliot.io
* Payatu Software Labs - https://payatu.com
* nullcon Security Conference - https://nullcon.net
* hardwear.io hardware Security conference - https://hardwear.io


Starts at Tuesday September 10 2019, 10:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 4 hours.