From a self-replicating computer program in the 1950s to malware like emotnet, ransomware, Stuxnet, titanium in 2019, these have infected one-third of the world's computer. Malware analysis is the art of dissecting malware to understand how it works, how to identify it, and how to defeat or eliminate it. This talk covers the essentials of malware analysis and learning various techniques used by malware to achieve their malicious tasks using P.E and disassembler tools.

Table of Content

  * Introduction.
  * Tracking data.
       Data flow.
       Understanding Stack.
  * Analysing P.E File Format.
       P.E View.
       How P.E is abused.
  * Process Injection.
       Dll Injection.
  * Process Replacement.
  * Covert Malware Launching.
       Static Analysis.
       IDA Pro.


Preet kamal


Starts at Sunday November 17 2019, 11:30 AM. The sessions runs for about 2 hours.