The session will cover the fundamentals of threat modeling, emphasizing its significance in identifying and mitigating security risks. We'll explore practical implementations with real-world examples, showcasing the application of threat modeling in a dynamic context. Diving into various methodologies such as STRIDE, DREAD, PASTA, TRIKE, and Attack Trees, we'll analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The discussion will extend to the pros and cons of these methodologies, aiding participants in making informed choices.


Samkalpa Mukherjee

Samkalpa Mukherjee is a highly accomplished cyber security professional with a passion for offensive security and a proven track record in penetration testing, red teaming, and risk assessment. With expertise in domains such as web, network, API, AD, malware development, binary exploitation, and Linux/Windows privilege escalation, Samkalpa has successfully identified vulnerabilities and implemented robust security measures for various organizations.

Having ranked highly in renowned Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions and as a Hacker in Hack The Box, Samkalpa's skills extend beyond theoretical knowledge, as demonstrated by practical achievements. With proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Bash, C, and C#, Rust, Samkalpa combines technical acumen with an analytical mindset to deliver effective security solutions.

Outside of work, Samkalpa enjoys exploring diverse interests such as movies, TV shows, music, audio books, games, and blogs. With a relentless drive for continuous learning and a commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats, Samkalpa Mukherjee remains dedicated to fortifying organizations against cyber risks and safeguarding their digital assets.


Starts at Saturday January 27 2024, 10:40 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.