The session will cover the fundamentals of threat modeling, emphasizing its significance in identifying and mitigating security risks. We'll explore practical implementations with real-world examples, showcasing the application of threat modeling in a dynamic context. Diving into various methodologies such as STRIDE, DREAD, PASTA, TRIKE, and Attack Trees, we'll analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The discussion will extend to the pros and cons of these methodologies, aiding participants in making informed choices.


Samkalpa Mukherjee

Samkalpa Mukherjee is a Cybersecurity Professional with a strong focus on Offensive Security. He has a proven track record in protecting Critical Information Infrastructures. With expertise in areas such as Web Security, API Security, Network Security, Active Directory, Malware Development and Binary Exploitation, Samkalpa has successfully identified vulnerabilities in various organizations and also collaborated with government agencies to secure Critical Infrastructure to ensure the resilience of essential services.


Starts at Saturday January 27 2024, 10:40 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.