null meets are free for anyone to attend. There are absolutely no fees. Just come with an open mind and willingness to share and learn.

Proposed sessions for this event:

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Tech Talks: (10min breaks between talks, each talk for 40-50min; so we'll wind up before 1pm).

1: Bug Bounty Hunting - by Gurjant Singh, Security Researcher @ Hackerdesk, Intern @ Cyberith

This is a very popular talk among all our NULL chapters; and is the first time we have it here in Chandigarh. Whether you are mildly curious about what gets bug-bounty hunters going, or want to enter this field or you tried your hand but have found the going tough, this is a must-attend talk.

2: Shell Shock - by Kapil Lamba, Lead Auditor ISO 27001: 2013, Security Analyst, Penetration tester, Cyber Forensics Expert.

Yes, this is the latest buzz in our field. Many big names have fallen for this bug (Yahoo and Lycos being the latest). For some time, Windows admins were having a hearty laugh but they too aren't sure anymore because of a similar issue (MS isn't calling it a bug) in CMD.EXE too. This is going to a good one with important practical advice, even if you've already seen some news & views on shellshock.

3: Defenders' Special: MozDef, the latest OpenSource SIEM - by Pragti Chauhan & Keshvica Sharma, Principal Technologists @ Digital Self Defense

All the time, the attackers have been getting their l33t tools and automation, but defenders didn't have much. Mozilla Foundation has set out to correct this "injustice" by creating this highly customizable, completely open SIEM that is any defender's delight. For even the slightly curious "I want to know what's inside" enthusiast, MozDef will sate your curiosity like no other SIEM can (ever tried to find out what's inside ArcSight / Sentinel / QRadar /...?) :-)

Date Saturday October 18 2014
Chapter Chandigarh
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Event Type Open to Everybody
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 01:00 PM

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Hartron Bhawan, Bays 73-76, Sector 2, Panchkula