Gokul Mari

• Responsible for IT-Security (Web application security (WAS), Vulnerability Assessments)
• Knowledge on Security policies ,Frameworks and Procedures(OWASP,
• Experience in preparing monthly and weekly reports and Interacting with client
• Strong ability to work with all environments in an Information Security role.
• Having strong knowledge in networking
• Basic knowledge in python
• Installed and worked on IDS/IPS
• Implemented PCI DSS standards
• Basic knowledge on OpenStack
• Worked on DDOS mitigation using Akamai and Qualys WAF

Tools like Burp Professional, HP Fortify, Net Sparker and various other manual testing tools for web application penetration tests.

Worked with Qualys, Nessus, Nmap, Kali linux and various manual testing tools for network penetration testing.

application security testing methodology with a strong basic knowledge in SQL Injection, Broken Authentication,Cross-Site-Scripting, Cross-Site-Request forgery and other various OWASP top 10 attacks.


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