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Viluppuram, Villupuram, or Vizhuppuram (In Tamil: விழுப்புரம்) is a Municipality and the administrative headquarters of Vizhuppuram district. It is the 23rd district of Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest district in Tamil Nadu with an area of 7194 The district is administratively divided into four revenue divisions, 10 administrative taluks, 54 revenue firkas, and 1490 revenue villages.There are three municipalities, 15 town panchayats, 22 panchayat unions, and 1099 village panchayats. The district consists of 11 assembly & three parliamentary constituencies.

Viluppuram is located in the far southeast part of India, situated 160 kilometres (99 mi) south of Chennai, 160 kilometres (99 mi) north of Trichy, 177 kilometres (110 mi) east of Salem, 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of Pondicherry shares the seashore of the Bay of Bengal.

The city serves as a major railway junction, and National Highway 45 passes through it. As Government of India 2014 census data indicated, Vizhuppuram had a population of 96,253. And the city's literacy rate has been recorded as 90.16% by Census 2011.

Agriculture is the predominant source forlivelihood with a majority of the workforce engaged in it. Marginal and small farmers are large in number. Industrial activities were confined to micro and small scale industries.


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