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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2020-02-08 Meet Mumbai NewsBytes Mohd maroof
2020-02-02 Workshop Pune Hands-on Android Mobile Application Hacking 2 Hrushikesh Kakade
2020-02-02 Workshop Pune Hands-on Android Mobile Application Hacking 1 Rewanth Cool
2020-01-25 Meet Delhi Introduction to nmap Nisha
2020-01-25 Meet Delhi IoT: Internet of things or Internet of threats Ankit gautam
2020-01-25 Meet Chennai WhatsApp hacking Pradeep
2020-01-25 Meet Delhi Owning a company through their logs Aseem
2020-01-25 Meet Delhi News Bytes Samaan Fatima
2020-01-25 Meet Delhi News Bytes Aarti Bala
2020-01-25 Meet Chennai AngularJS - Security Best practices Srinivasan Ethirajan
2020-01-25 Humla Mumbai Building Active Directory Lab for Red Teaming Chirag Savla
2020-01-19 Meet Chandigarh Talking About SSRF,CRLF Mohit Vohra
2020-01-19 Meet Bhopal How to gain Persistence Himanshu Shrivastava
2020-01-19 Meet Chandigarh Gibson 101 - Quick Introduction to Hacking Mainframes in 2020 Saman Deep Singh
2020-01-19 Meet Chandigarh Introduction Nikhil Mahajan
2020-01-19 Meet Bhopal Introduction to TLS 1.3 Vedant Jain
2020-01-18 Meet Bangalore XXE Injection kishan lal choudhary
2020-01-18 Meet Bangalore API Security Testing Riyaz Walikar
2020-01-18 Meet Bangalore Metasploit Primary Nitesh Surana
2020-01-18 Meet Bangalore NoSQL Injection Aditya Srinagesh
2020-01-18 Meet Bangalore Nmap Basics Manish
2020-01-17 Meet Dubai RFID Security Vinod shrimali
2020-01-17 Meet Dubai RFID Security Aamer Shah
2020-01-17 Meet Dubai Cyber Investigations: Stories from the Frontline Victor Sergeev
2020-01-17 Meet Dubai Spilling Local Files via XXE When HTTP OOB Fails Rahul Maini
2020-01-12 Meet Ahmedabad Analysis of an exploited NPM package Parth Parmar
2020-01-12 Meet Ahmedabad XML Attacks _RaviRamesh
2020-01-12 Meet Ahmedabad Get hands on with XSS , SSRF Prithvi Plavilla
2020-01-12 Meet Ahmedabad Brief acknowledgement on Command Injection, Directory traversal Swar Shah
2020-01-11 Meet Mumbai SSRF- exploit the trust relationship Raunak parmar
2020-01-11 Meet Mumbai HTTP Request Smuggling Abhyuday singh
2020-01-11 Workshop Pune Hardware Hacking Asmita J
2020-01-11 Meet Mumbai NewsBytes Ankit Patel
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi Basic of Hardware Security Ankit gautam
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi TIL Session Sachin
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi Penetration Testing using Metasploit Suryakant Upadhyay
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi Quiz Ankit gautam
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi Container Security in CI/CD Avinash Jain
2019-12-28 Meet Delhi New Bytes Ankit
2019-12-22 Workshop Bangalore IoT Devices Penetration Testing 101 Veerababu(Mr-IoT)
2019-12-21 Humla Bangalore BLE Hacking and Hardware Hacking Bhavik
2019-12-21 Meet Bangalore API Exploitation Ramu Inturi
2019-12-21 Meet Bangalore A Primer on OSINT Nitesh Surana
2019-12-21 Meet Bangalore Advanced XSS Suraj
2019-12-21 Meet Bangalore Introduction to Burp Suite ritika
2019-12-15 Meet Bhopal How to Gain Persistence on Linux Himanshu Shrivastava
2019-12-15 Meet Ahmedabad Windows Kernel Exploitation Ravi Rajput
2019-12-15 Meet Bhopal Basic Methodology of humting bugs Shahrukh Rafeeq
2019-12-15 Meet Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Investigation Methodology Namrata Brahmkshatriya