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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2024-03-23 Meet Bangalore Unleashing the Power of Threat Hunting: An introduction to Proactive cybersecurity Vinutha D Madi
2024-03-23 Meet Pune Offensive Cloud Penetration Testing Harshad Shah
2024-03-23 Meet Hyderabad Container Security P B Surya Subhash
2024-03-23 Meet Bangalore Watermarking in Source Code: Applications and Security Challenges Shyamsundar Das
2024-03-23 Meet Pune AI Security: Denoising is All You Need Nikhil
2024-03-23 Meet Hyderabad macOS Forensics and Malware Analysis demystified! Bhargav Rathod
2024-03-23 Meet Bangalore Firmware Emulation with QEMU Mahalakshmi Sugumaran
2024-03-23 Meet Hyderabad Security News Bytes Suhana
2024-03-23 Meet Hyderabad Introduction to Null Hyderabad SHAIK ARIF ALI
2024-03-23 Meet Bangalore An Introduction To Cyber Forensic Muhammed Waseem Villan
2024-03-16 Humla Vijayawada "Red teaming with havoc " Jahin Justin
2024-03-16 Humla Vijayawada Security News Bites SHEIKHA FAROOK BATHA 21BCE8436
2024-03-16 Humla Vijayawada "Cyber Security: Navigating Career Paths, Certification Roadmaps, and Industry Expertise (Corporate)" jawanth raghu
2024-03-16 Meet Mumbai External Attack Surface Management in Red Teaming Rizwan Syed
2024-03-16 Meet Mumbai Enhancing Security Guardrails using AWS Control Tower Ritesh Kumar
2024-03-16 Meet Mumbai News Bytes Lionel Faleiro
2024-03-16 Meet Mumbai From Chaos to Calm: Mastering Security Operations with SOAR Harshit Pawar
2024-02-26 Workshop Ganpat University Student Blockchain Exploration: Unleashing Creativity and Innovations Chetan Sheth
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Preparation to the next meet Ravindra Penumarthi
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Blind CSS Data Exfiltration - Make HTMLi great again Manmath Paste
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Introduction to AWS Pentesting Mohd Haji
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Azure Recon for Initial foothold and Profit Syed Izhar Ahmed
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Introduction to Null Hyderabad SHAIK ARIF ALI
2024-02-24 Meet Hyderabad Security News Bytes CYRIL Nelson Francis
2024-02-22 Meet Vijayawada Unveiling the secrets: A deep dive into web application security shark0d3sn1p3r
2024-02-22 Meet Vijayawada Investigating cyber threats in real time : Introduction to SOC, SIEM & Practical Tools Setup Srinu
2024-02-22 Meet Vijayawada Securing Cyberspace : A Bug Bounty Journey with Renganathan Renganathan P
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Feedback and Closing Ajay
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Building DevSecOps strategy Milan Singh Thakur
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Azure Intrusion Tactics: Unlocking Doors with File Uploads, SSTI, and Command Injection Pratik
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Networking Break Abdul Rasheed
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Web3 Security Tamaghna Basu
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Hacking Electron Apps Dhiraj Mishra
2024-02-17 Meet Dubai Introductions TAS
2024-02-17 Meet Bangalore Mindset of a Purple Team Edwin Christy
2024-02-17 Meet Bangalore CIS hardening for Ubuntu Ashok Rachapudi
2024-02-17 Meet Bangalore Secure Coding Aditya Gupta
2024-02-17 Meet Bangalore Preparation for OSCP and other RedTeaming Certifications SATHIYANARAYANA S
2024-02-17 Meet Bangalore Anatomy of Cyber Attack Raghav Gupta
2024-02-15 Workshop Ganpat University Student IOT Security Khushi
2024-02-14 Workshop Ganpat University Student Android System and Security krish bheda
2024-02-13 Workshop Ganpat University Student Cloud Computing and Security Sagar patel
2024-02-12 Workshop Ganpat University Student DNS Spoofing & Session Hijacking Dhrumi Chaudhari
2024-02-10 Meet Mumbai Abusing AADConnect for Privilege Escalation - Part 1 Chirag Savla
2024-02-10 Meet Ahmedabad Laying the security pipeline right way on gitlab Chirag Jariwala
2024-02-10 Meet Mumbai Custom Cloud Red Team Tool Raunak parmar
2024-02-10 Meet Ahmedabad Fast IP lookup for open Ports and Vulnerabilities Praveen Mali
2024-02-10 Meet Ahmedabad News Byte Jay Patel
2024-01-27 Meet Kolkata Beginners guide to Hardware Hacking Asutosh Kumar
2024-01-27 Meet Kolkata Demystifying DNS Attacks Rakesh Seal