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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2021-05-23 Meet Ahmedabad Linux File System Forensics Swapnil Pandya
2021-05-23 Meet Ahmedabad Understanding And Exploiting GraphQL Nishith K
2021-04-18 Meet Ahmedabad Hands-on challenge Parth
2021-04-18 Meet Ahmedabad Infosec Quiz Pooja Plavilla
2021-04-18 Meet Ahmedabad Getting Started with Mimikatz Malav Vyas
2021-04-18 Meet Ahmedabad GitHub Recon Binit Ghimire
2021-03-21 Meet Ahmedabad Hacking with Go Parth Parmar
2021-03-21 Meet Ahmedabad Prototype Pollution Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Kuldeep Pandya
2021-03-21 Meet Ahmedabad OSINT with Twitter Sarvagya Sagar
2021-02-28 Meet Ahmedabad Quiz Kuldeep Pandya
2021-02-28 Meet Ahmedabad Automating reflected XSS using GXSS KATHAN PATEL
2021-02-14 Humla Ahmedabad R00t the box - Day 2 Swar Shah
2021-02-13 Humla Ahmedabad R00t the box - Day 1 Swar Shah
2021-01-30 Meet Mumbai Assumed Breach based Penetration Testing Sanket Solanki
2021-01-30 Meet Mumbai Understanding Bronze Bit Attack (CVE-2020-17049). Mohd maroof
2021-01-24 Meet Ahmedabad Quiz-2 Pooja Plavilla
2021-01-24 Meet Ahmedabad Quiz-1 Kuldeep Pandya
2021-01-24 Meet Ahmedabad Blacklist3r Sanjay Gondaliya
2021-01-24 Meet Ahmedabad Linux Privilege Escalation Techniques Swar Shah
2021-01-23 Meet Chennai Hands-on Session with Remote Port forwarding vengatesh
2021-01-23 Meet Chennai Spring Boot - Security Best Practices Karthikeyan Alagarswamy
2020-12-27 Meet Ahmedabad Quiz - 2 Pooja Plavilla
2020-12-27 Meet Ahmedabad Quiz - 1 Kuldeep Pandya
2020-12-27 Meet Ahmedabad Web Cache Poisoning Mitul Patel
2020-12-27 Meet Ahmedabad Working of padding oracle Sanjay Gondaliya
2020-12-19 Meet Mumbai AWS Security Audit Dhiraj Datar
2020-12-19 Meet Mumbai Content Security Policy(CSP) - A Developer’s saviour for client side security Amol
2020-12-19 Meet Mumbai UDP Hunter - Network Assessment Tool Savan Gadhiya
2020-12-19 Meet Mumbai Android Application Analyzer Sanjay Gondaliya
2020-11-29 Meet Bhopal Bloodhound Beyond Gui And Building Custom Cypher Queries Soumyadeep Basu
2020-11-22 Meet Ahmedabad Hypervisors For Fun and Profit Adhokshaj Mishra
2020-11-22 Meet Ahmedabad Getting started with API Hacking Satyam Gothi
2020-11-22 Meet Ahmedabad Attacking Postmessage () armaan pathan
2020-11-07 Bachaav Bangalore Network Forensics Bhavik
2020-10-31 Meet Ahmedabad CTF Ravi Kariya
2020-10-31 Meet Ahmedabad InfoSec Quiz Pooja Plavilla
2020-10-31 Meet Ahmedabad Android RE [UXSS, LFI, Local File Steal] Dheeraj Madhukar
2020-10-31 Meet Chennai Hands-on Session on SSH tunnels vengatesh
2020-10-31 Meet Ahmedabad Fundamental Principles of RF Security Harshit Agrawal
2020-10-31 Meet Ahmedabad Null Introduction Jaimin Gohel
2020-10-28 Meet Doha Threat Hunting: Uncovering the tracks of an attack Sheik Fareed
2020-10-18 Workshop Bhopal Kubernetes - Overview and exploitation Shikhar Joshi
2020-10-03 Meet Delhi NCR AWS S3 and how to secure them Ankit Saini
2020-09-25 Meet Dubai Android Dynamic Analysis using House Aneesh Anil Kumar
2020-09-25 Meet Dubai Attacking Postmessage() armaan pathan
2020-09-20 Meet Bhopal Broken Cryptography & Account Takeovers Harsh Bothra
2020-09-20 Meet Bhopal Exploiting Stack Based Buffer Overflow Swaroop Yermalkar
2020-09-20 Meet Ahmedabad Pentesting GraphQL Aashee Shrivastava
2020-09-20 Meet Ahmedabad Walk of Malware Analyst Part - 1 Malav Vyas