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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2015-05-23 Meet Delhi NCR I know what you installed last summer (Remote Talk by Saurabh) null/OWASP Delhi Team
2015-05-23 Meet Delhi NCR Cryptographic Implementations in Software Development - Part 2 Arjun
2015-05-23 Meet Delhi NCR News Bytes Sandeep Garg
2015-05-16 Meet Chennai Insider threat prevention Vinoth
2015-05-16 Meet Chennai CSRF Demo adarsh
2015-05-16 Meet Chennai Web Security practices for PHP. Ravi Pandey
2015-05-16 Meet Chennai Intro To TCPDump Balasubramaniam Natarajan
2015-05-16 Meet Bangalore XSS and Phishing Hybrid Attack - Skit Satish
2015-05-16 Meet Bangalore SSL SCANNING rupali dash
2015-05-16 Meet Bangalore Tale of Forgotten disclosure and lesson's learned. Anant Shrivastava
2015-05-16 Meet Bangalore Medical Device Security Anirudh duggal
2015-05-16 Humla Mumbai Memory forensics with volatility arnold anthony
2015-05-16 Meet Bangalore Security Monitoring using SIEM Rishabh Gupta
2015-05-09 Meet Mumbai Quantum Cryptography Pooja Upadhyay
2015-05-09 Meet Mumbai Security New Bytes Vinod Tiwari
2015-05-09 Meet Pune Understanding Safeboot. Hugo
2015-05-09 Meet Mumbai Careers in Information Security Narendra Choyal
2015-05-09 Meet Pune Detection of Evil Twin Attack in open wireless networks. Rushikesh
2015-05-09 Meet Pune Security News Bytes Anant Mudgal
2015-04-25 Meet Delhi NCR Net Neutrality in India - The Noise, The Security PoV and Other Stuffs null/OWASP Delhi Team
2015-04-25 Meet Delhi NCR A Link to the Past: Abusing Symbolic Links on Windows (Speaker - James Forshaw) - Remote null/OWASP Delhi Team
2015-04-25 Meet Delhi NCR Getting up to speed with Incident Response Kamal
2015-04-25 Meet Delhi NCR News Bytes null/OWASP Delhi Team
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore Debate - Net Neutrality sandesh
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore Recon-ng Nutan Kumar Panda
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore IE Memory Protections Abhisek Datta
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore Security Certifications Manasdeep
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore Infosec Initiative Apoorva
2015-04-25 Meet Bangalore Demystifying Captchas - Beginner Session Udit Gupta
2015-04-25 Humla Chennai Android Mobile Application Security Abhinav Sejpal
2015-04-18 Meet Chennai Newsbytes Hariessh Kumar B
2015-04-18 Meet Chennai CSRF adarsh
2015-04-18 Meet Chennai Pentesting million lines of code Lavakumar Kuppan
2015-04-18 Meet Chennai Android App pentesting using SDK and proxies PradeepKumar P
2015-04-18 Meet Chennai DDoS using various protocols Arul Selva Lakshmi
2015-04-18 Humla Delhi NCR Python for Pentesters Kunal Aggarwal
2015-04-18 Humla Mumbai Windows Kernel Exploitation Ashfaq Ansari
2015-04-18 Humla Delhi NCR Python for Pentesters Shubham Mittal
2015-04-11 Meet Mumbai Cuckoo Sandbox arnold anthony
2015-04-11 Meet Mumbai Security News bytes Kumar Gunjan
2015-04-11 Meet Mumbai Firewall Essentials - technical session on firewall key parameters Mahesh Mali
2015-04-11 Meet Pune Cloud Security Sriram Shankar
2015-04-11 Meet Pune News Bytes manoj
2015-04-04 Humla Bangalore OWASP Top 5 - Build IT, Break IT, Fix IT Satish
2015-03-28 Meet Delhi NCR Cryptographic Implementations in Software Development Arjun
2015-03-28 Meet Delhi NCR Beyond the Virtual World - Physical Security and its importance Saumya Vishnoi
2015-03-28 Meet Delhi NCR News Bytes (by Sapient team) Shilpi Chhabra
2015-03-28 Meet Delhi NCR Need of Positive approach in the field of Information Security Paramveer Singh
2015-03-28 Meet Dharamshala Security Considerations for Augmented and Virtual Reality brian cobb
2015-03-28 Meet Dharamshala Social Engineering Tashi Samphel