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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2014-08-16 Meet Dharamshala Security Track sva
2014-08-16 Meet Dharamshala Operational Security jigmetsetan
2014-08-16 Meet Dharamshala Secure Database Coding for uploading files Tashi Paljor
2014-08-16 Meet Dharamshala Security News Bytes Sunil Kumar
2014-08-09 Meet Pune Memory Corruption Ashfaq Ansari
2014-08-09 Meet Pune Android security Prasanna Kanagasabai
2014-08-09 Meet Pune Security News Bytes Imdadullah Mohammed
2014-07-26 Meet Chennai Everything About HeartBleed Sukesh
2014-07-26 Meet Chennai What's behind SQLI Arjun Gupta M
2014-07-26 Meet Chennai Say Hello To Kernel Gopi Krishnan S
2014-07-26 Meet Chennai News Bytes Dilli Babu
2014-07-26 Meet Dharamshala Malware Detection and Removal for Beginners Sunil Kumar
2014-07-26 Meet Dharamshala Fun & Profit ($$$) with Bug Bounties Madhu Akula
2014-07-26 Meet Dharamshala News Bytes Tsetan Dolkar
2014-07-19 Meet Bangalore Win 8 Mobile App Pen-testing Anand Tiwari
2014-07-19 Meet Bangalore Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) with Maltego Nutan Kumar Panda
2014-07-19 Meet Bangalore OWASP Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process Akash Mahajan
2014-07-19 Meet Bangalore Security News Bytes suraj pratap
2014-07-19 Meet Bangalore Working with Web Goat Vulnerable Application Jagan Mohan
2014-07-12 Bachaav Bangalore OWASP ESAPI for Java satish
2014-07-05 Bachaav Bangalore Code Review Bachaav sandesh
2014-06-28 Humla Bangalore Metasploit for Beginners Ajay Srivastava
2014-06-21 Humla Bangalore Android App Hacking with App-Use Asish
2014-06-21 Humla Bangalore Android App Hacking with App-Use Rupam Bhattacharya
2014-06-14 Meet Bangalore ESAPI satish
2014-06-14 Meet Bangalore BEeF Prashanth Sivarajan
2014-06-14 Meet Bangalore Flash based XSS Abeer Banerjee
2014-06-14 Meet Bangalore Security NEWS Bytes Nishanth Kumar Pathi
2014-06-14 Meet Bangalore CANCELLED: OWASP Mobile Top 10 - Part 2 Anant Shrivastava
2014-05-24 Meet Bangalore Web App Security - The Good Parts Akash Mahajan
2014-05-24 Meet Bangalore Metasploit Demo Rupam Bhattacharya
2014-05-24 Meet Bangalore Web-Service (SOAP) Exploitation Rahul Sasi
2014-05-24 Meet Bangalore NEWS Bytes Anant Shrivastava
2014-05-24 Meet Bangalore OWASP Mobile Top 10 - Part 1 Pushkar Pashupat
2014-04-26 Meet Bangalore Password cracking using John the Ripper Asish
2014-04-26 Meet Bangalore Code Review Demo sandesh
2014-04-26 Meet Bangalore Struts Validation Framework - Part 3 satish
2014-04-26 Meet Bangalore Rapid Android Application Testing Nutan Kumar Panda
2014-04-26 Meet Bangalore XMLChor- Xpath Injection Exploitation Tool Harshal jamdade
2014-04-19 Puliya Bangalore Getting started with encrypted email Akash Mahajan
2014-04-19 Puliya Bangalore Personal Security Hygiene Akash Mahajan
2014-04-19 Puliya Bangalore Basics of Wireshark Harshal jamdade